I love doing as much as I can for free. Some of the materials listed below were of my creation, while others I have found out about from fellow homeschooling families. I am starting to organize the free things that I share in various posts in an easy to find list. I’d love to hear about your free tools in the comments at the bottom of this post.

I also have a homeschool pinterest board (it’s starting to get so big that I need to divide it by subject) that has a lot more ideas.

Multi- Subject

Easy Peasy- All in One Homeschool has daily lessons assembled for pre-k through high school. There are Biblical references incorporated in the lessons, but it it is not the main source. There are a bunch of resources listed as well and it’s all free!

Khan Academy: Designed to make homeschooling free. There are a lot of videos on Math, Science, Humanities, and many other subjects. Parents can keep track of which content their child(ren) have viewed and what they’ve accomplished.

TED This site has speeches from multiple genres: inspirational/motivation, electronics, technology, design, business, entertainment, global. When things get tough, my favorite motivational/inspirational speech is by Alison Levine.


XGerms: In this game, the kids answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, division  or a combination of each of these the types of questions. For every question they get right, they capture a germ in the germ lab. I review this game which comes in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and  math mashup (+,-,*, / mixed together). It’s my kids’ favorite. Even my high schoolers use this to speed up their math fluency.

Race Car Math Facts: Hop in your race car and and practice your math facts as fast as you can in this game. Create a name and customize your car, then practice division, multiplication, addition and subtraction math facts while you race around the track.

Baseball Math Facts: Batter up! Ready to put your math skills to the test? Answer the correct solution to knock the ball out of the park in this math game!

Geoboard: Practice the basics of geometry in this math activity. There are two game styles: ‘Lesson mode’ where you can learn along with the program, or ‘challenge mode’ where you try and complete the given shape without assistance.

Math Minutes  is like practicing using flash cards, only in a more electronic form. My kids enjoy using this online way to practice their math facts. See how many questions kids could answer in one minute.

Math Trainer  Is this a great way to help your kids memorize their math facts? Check out my review to decide for yourself.

Did you know that you can use LEGO bricks to teach perimeter and area? Here are some ways to learn about it from Walking By the Way blog.

Math Fact Cafe provides parents and teachers the best generators and pre-made worksheets, all for free. This includes basic fact worksheets, multiplication tables, counting by number, word problems, money worksheets, time worksheets, and much more.


US Geography Turn an old map into magnets. Coming to a fridge near you. Getting down with geography!! (This is a pin I pinned. When you go to the site from Pinterest, you get a warning saying the link is suspicious. However, everything checks out when I get there.)


Story of the World Lapbook My kids enjoy working on this lapbook. We do it with a group of families, but it is appropriate for an individual or family.

Presidents’ Day Many may be appropriate for your homeschool during the entire school year.

Barton Reading and Spelling Site Word Handwriting Practice

(note: You need the FREE StartWrite trial software to use these files- more are coming!):
Level 3 Lesson 1

Level 3 Lesson 3

Level 3 Lesson 8


LDS Simplified Scripture Mastery Handwriting practice pages: I looked at the scripture mastery scriptures and made them easier for my pre-readers through grade 4 to memorize the key parts of each scripture. Some scriptures are short enough that I left them as they were.

Helping Around the House

Free Daily Chore Charts and Summer Chore Charts used by yours truly.

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