homeschool curriculum reviews

There are so many methods for getting an education at home. Do you know where to start? That’s where I step in. I love to share our favoritesĀ and hope that my experiences will provide inspiration for others. Discover which books and tools may be your child’s new favorites.
Free Homeschool Tools

A lot of people have created amazing homeschool tools that they give away to bless the lives of others. Here’s a list of the free tools that I’ve collected so far.


Family Movie Night Review

Watching movies is part of the American culture. There are many movies that are great for families and some that are not so great. We want family movie time to be a great experience, so we decided to share theĀ movies we like.

free essential oil sample

One way our family saves time and money is using essential oils to maintain health and wellness. We invite you to request your free sample, which will come with information about how to use the oils.