Financial Tips For Homeschool Families

It took me years to decide that I needed to make this page because this topic is generally a private topic. No one wants to discuss their financial situation on line, let alone in front of friends and family. Yet it is so much a part of who we are and is one of the leading factors behind EVERYTHING choice we make and everything we do.

Like many other homeschooling families, we have had our financial challenges. That’s why I decided I needed to share my financial tips for homeschooling families.


Since our first son was born nearly 17 years ago, I have stayed at home to care for the kids, manage finances, grocery shop, take kids from one place to another, do the laundry, etc. You get the picture because you’re doing it, too.

During that time, there have been lay-offs, years without raises, years where the raises were about 1%, unexpected big ticket medical expenses and more. What savings we had melted away without a trace. Before we knew it, we were pulling out a credit card to pay for groceries and digging ourselves into a humungous pit.

Fast forward to a little over 2 years ago, my husband and I sat down and looked at our budget and our debts. We had always looked at them individually rather than lumping all the debts into a big number. It was more than our annual income. At that time, we decided we had to sell everything of value, including our house to get out of debt.

While getting our home ready to go on the market, the basement flooded. Miraculously, the insurance covered the flooding. They even called back a few days later and said they found more ways we could be covered, meaning more money to make repairs.

We were the general contractors and fixed everything we could on our own. Not only did all the flood damage get repaired, we were able to replace the flooring in the entire house and repaint all the walls in the basement.

Our home sold quickly and within a couple months we were out of debt and renting for the first time.

How We Can Help You?

Along the way, I have found ways I can earn money from home and how to save big on monthly bills. I also learned how to repair things on my own. These changes have helped us to maintain our homeschool lifestyle.

I have tried a lot of things that helped, others were a waste of time, and still others ended up being money pits. I’ll share them with you candidly, time waters, flops, and successes. My goal is to help you wade through the scams to find beneficial opportunities.

In the past, I already posted a few money making opportunities and money saving ideas casually- some are repairs I have completed such as getting rid of errors on my iMac. They can help you get started.

Let’s see what we can do to empower you to keep homeschooling, or start homeschooling.

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