How to Save Money

One of the challenges Homeschooling Families experience is that every day expenses take a bigger chunk out of their budget than they realize or they don’t realize that other options exist.

Take the home phone line and cell phones. A home phone line can cost less than $5 per month. If you have a home phone, you can reduce the cost of your cell phone bill dramatically.

The cell phone plan we recommend doesn’t have a contract and we can add our own phones, even used phones, to the plan. As a family with 5 cell phones and a home phone, we spend $50-90 per month, depending on how we use our cell phones.

Before changing to our current cell phone plan, I had a feature phone (aka DUMB PHONE) and it cost me at least $45 per month for just one phone.

Let’s see what we can do to lower your monthly bills plus get discounts on computers and other supplies that you need for your homeschool.

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