Family Friendly Movies

My family has a regular movie night. Usually it takes place on Sunday nights. It is a great way to spend time with one another as well as enjoy a clean, family-safe movie. We have popcorn, sliced apples, and other snacks while we watch a family-friendly movie.

Our family looks forward to this special time together, especially since we’ve decreased the amount of time that the television can be on during the rest of the week. I’ve found that we have fewer arguments about what we are watching since my husband and I choose the movies and stand by our decisions.

Our children are 11 and younger, so we stick to G and PG movies that both of us have already watched. We choose movies that are wholesome and quite often classic. Another criteria for the movies we choose is that they are not movies that the kids would choose on their own either because they’ve never seen it or it’s not the latest, most popular movie among their friends.

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