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Last week, our family watched the first movie in the series, Agent Cody Banks. We found out there was a sequel. We were curious, would it be any good? Naturally, we decided to find out

Agent Cody Banks 2 Full Movie Review

Let’s start with the plot. It begins with him at a camp where they train agents like, Cody (Frankie Muniz). When parents’ day begins, the kids quickly transform the training grounds into a typical summer camp. Cody’s parents (Cynthia & Daniel Stevenson) and Cody’s brother, Alex (Connor Widdows) never suspect a thing even though the staff trip catch themselves almost using CIA terminology several times.

While at camp, you see Cody and other campers doing their best to get through a simulation drill. Cody ends up saving his instructor, Victor Diaz (Keith Allen), and they get away in a helicopter.  His instructor turns out to be the antagonist, a CIA agent gone bad. He and his cohort, Lord Duncan Kenworth (James Faulkner), have a mind control device that they’re using to manipulate the heads of state at an international summit.

Later on, Cody is contacted by his handlers. His next assignment: London.

How do you sell this to a teen spy’s parents? Feign sudden interest in an elite boarding school and suprise them with the news that you have a scholarship, of course! That’s the easy part.

The school is for extremely talented musicians who may even be virtuosos. Getting your parents to buy into your interest in a foreign bording school is a piece of cake compared to pretending that you’re a musician. Cody does everything he can to delay his first solo.

Just like James Bond, he has a gadget for everything. His instrument plays for him during his first solo. Of course, there is a girl. At first, we think that there is the possibility that they’re attracted to each other, but later discover that she is one of England’s teenage spies.

Parents’ Perspective

In the first movie, Cody had glasses that allowed him to see through people’s clothes to their underwear. The viewer only saw him look at girls and adult female breasts. His adult handler in the first movie often wore her clothes so we could see her cleavage.

There are no concerns like that in this movie. Everyone is modestly dressed. Even the shirts have sleeves and the necklines are all high enough that it’s not even close to showing anything. There are no sexy adult females either. There is no illuding or overt sexual behavior whatsoever.

This is a spy movie, so there is some violence, though no one gets killed or comes close to death. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any blood.

The jokes, violence, among other things do seem a bit exaggerated or unrealistic. I believe it’s geared toward a young enough audience that emphasis was needed to make sure certain things were noticed.

As for bad language, I missed it the first time around, one of the characters whispers “jackass.” Some other words to watch out for: ass, the Lord’s name in vain, bonehead, suck, and screwed up.

It’s common in a lot of movies for the kids to take on adult roles and know a lot while their parents seem unaware or lacking knowledge. This movie is no exception.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this movie better than the first, which was unexpected since most sequels fall short. My kids spent more time laughing and talked about it afterward. The kids who paid the most attention to this movie were my 7 year old daughter and my 10 year old son.

Have you seen this movie recently? Please share your thoughts. Is Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London a movie you would allow your kids to watch? Why or why not? Do you have any advice for parents who choose to allow/disallow their kids to watch it?

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