Who We Are

We love art, adventure, and learning new things

  • Paint Mines Intepretive Park
  • Fluorescent Light and Power Lines Experiment
  • World War II reenactment

Our kids’ dreams, goals, and favorite things. 

Caleb: has a goal to build a computer from scratch for his senior project. He spent his junior year studying GPUs, CPUs, towers, cooling systems, hard drives, disk drives, etc. along with compatibility issues between software and hardware.

Jared: Loves to do genealogy. For his Eagle project, he organized people to take & transcribe pictures, correct errors on transcriptions, and connect family members at a local cemetery for Billion Graves.

Isaac: Enjoys designing buildings from Jenga blocks, legos, etc. He also studies military warcraft including tanks, guns & ammo, and airplanes. Not only does he know the specs, he can draw them accurately and create models of them using things from around the house.

Ethan: always has big plans and wants to travel the national forests.

Cami: Enjoys drawing, listening to Magic Tree House and Goosebumps books, as well as poems.

Jesse: loves to be at home spending time with mom.

What We Do


 As a family homeschooling with dyslexia, we share what we’ve learned so that you can get the tools you need faster.

Financial Resources

One of the challenges of homeschooling is financial. We often share tips for saving money on purchases that homeschooling families make as well as ways to earn money from home to make this lifestyle possible.

Family Movie Night

Our family enjoys watching movies. We research movies that are clean. Some are recent and some are forgotten classics. How do they measure up?

Naturally, we offer free homeschool resources.

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