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Today, I was setting up my new DLink DIR-605L Router. Everything went smoothly until I went to upgrade my firmware.  Using this screen (click the pictures on this page to increase their size) to check for updates, I was given a list of possible updates including a language pack.

Then, I made the mistake of installing a language pack. I thought that it would update some of the language that went with the regular firmware update. Boy was I wrong! I ended up with an interface full of Chinese! Frustrated, I went to the DLink website thinking they’d be useful. Not so! Instead, after a lot of searching, I found another page that gave me some tips for restoring the language to English. It was a couple years old and for the wrong model, but it worked.

Since you’re here, I’m assuming you want to know how to solve your problem on your DLink router, too. These are the steps:

  • Log in with your regular password. If you restored your computer to factory defaults, your user name is admin and your password is blank.
  • Then, set up your wireless connection. I know it’s in another language, so I’ll give you the English version so you can see where to enter your info.
  • When you have completed that, you’ll have the option of clicking on “Manual Setup” on the main screen. Click on it.

  • You’ll get a page that looks like this (follow the directions on the graphic- the router will update and you’ll be back to ENGLISH!

I hope that this saved you some time figuring out how to get your router back to the way you want it. If it helped you in anyway, please comment below and include your model number. Thanks a bunch 🙂

I bought  D-Link DIR-605L Router from and got free shipping.

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