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When I was little, my parents used to have parties where they made root beer using the dry ice method. Ifound this fascinating. Now, I have kids of my own. I’m sure theywould love to do this. I decided it was high time that I researchedhow to use the dry ice method because the other method, using yeastcreates a small amount of alcohol and the bottom of the bottle tastesterrible. Also, the dry ice method makes a lot in a short amount oftime. I have a large crew, so making multiple gallons in one batchmeets my needs. The recipe I’ll show you is found on many sites onthe internet. The problem is finding some of the supplies andingredients. I have no idea where to get them. So, I’m going toresearch them and share what I find so you don’t have to do all thework, too.
  • Large insulated drink cooler
  • 6 cups white sugar
  • 3 1/3 gallons cold water
  • 2 oz root beer extract
  • 4 lbs dry ice
  • Heavy plastic gloves for handling the dry ice
  • Large metal spoon, or other stirring utensil
  • Mix together the sugar and water, pouring both into the insulated cooler. Stir until the mixture dissolves completely.
  • Blend in the root beer extract, stirring well.
  • Cover loosely, but do not seal. Air pressure can build up inside the cooler, causing it to explode.
  • Allow mixture to stand at room temperature for about an hour, before serving.
  • Store leftover root beer in gallon jugs, in a cool, dry place.
Nowwe need to focus on where to find the ingredients we don’t normallykeep in our pantry.
Insulatedcoolers and Root beer flavoring.
Amazon.comhas 2,3, 5 and 10 gallon insulated beverage coolers. They also haveroot beer flavoring, concentrate, and extract. It may be safe toguess that the coolers may be at a sporting goods store in thesummer. However, that item did not show up at those stores during myinternet search. I earn $25 in Amazon Gift cards at SwagBucks,so that I was motivated to look there when it showed up in myinternet search.
Glovesfor handling Dry Ice:
Onewebsite said that oven mitts will work for handling dry ice. Yea!One less thing to buy!
Lastly,we want to buy dry ice from somewhere close enough that it is thesame size as we originally asked for by the time it reaches our home.I found Yousimply enter in your zip code, select a mile radius you’re willing totravel to get the dry ice and it supplies you a list of local storesthat carry dry ice. I found 12 within 25 miles. The closest is only11 miles away- I live in a rural area, so that is pretty close.
Therest of the ingredients are probably in your pantry. Let’s gather thematerials and have a good time making home made root beer!

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