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I am so excited to introduce you to Alison Levine. I recently saw this video of her when she was at TEDxMidwest while I was at a training for Pampered Chef Consultants. However, I think it applies to life in general- at least to people who set goals. It’s inspirational and most people will be better for seeing it. I know it made a difference for me!

When you’re done, I hope you’re motivated to do something bigger or better than when before you watched this. Please tell me what goals you are going to accomplish now that you’ve seen it in the comments section below. You might inspire me, too!

If you didn’t create a new goal, tell me what you liked best about the video or what inspired you most.

*Update: I frequently post inspiring things on twitter. I seem to have gotten Alison’s attention and received the following tweet in return: “fyi, I find YOU very inspiring. Raising compassionate/responsible/loving children 1 of hardest/most important jobs in the world.”

I think that tweet could very well have been sent any parent and home schooling mom or dad. So, I am sharing it with you. YOU ARE INSPIRING, TOO! That tweet made my day!

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  • PCRoger

    So how does one get the money for all this adventure?

    • Becky

      That’s a good question. I guess by setting high goals for earning and saving money- maybe even a few sponsorships.

  • Jim

    Having been up a few mountains, not the least of which was Point Lenana the third peak of Mount Kenya (Trekkers route, non-technical 16,355 ft.)I can relate to the talk. I have always being somewhat awed by how formidable a climb Everest must be, but I have never seen a clearer presentation of the details of how it would be near the top physically. We had to take my daughter back down to the high base lodge when she developed severe symptoms of altitude sickness somewhere just above 14,000 ft. By the time we got within sight of the peak after the return trip I wasn’t sure I was going to make it and began to feel pretty strange. So I am quite impressed by Alison’s determination on her 2 quests and was pleased to hear she made it to the top. No small accomplishment!

    • Becky

      The highest mountain I’ve climbed was probably about 13,000 ft. I live in Colorado, where we have a ton of 14ers. I have never gone up one of them. They seem formidable enough to me. So, I agree with you, Jim, that Alison’s determination was very impressive. I was excited for her as she told the story. She is very good at sharing her story so that it came alive for me. I particularly liked the segment where she met the man from the financial company who said her trek up Mount Everest didn’t count because she didn’t make it to the top.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are also very impressive. Most people I know will not have the inclination to climb mountains as high as you have. Use the same determination when you set other goals in life- and you’ll likely reach them!

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