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I am a person who is quick to find a good deal. While perusing the internet today, I found out that if you host a Pampered Chef party between November 11-30, you will get their $40 Trifle Bowl for FREE.

You can choose to have a catalog or cooking show.

This is spectacular because you’re basically getting $40 for having friends over for lunch, afternoon treats, or dinner. Yes, there will be a consultant showing you how to use Pampered Chef tools for about 10 minutes and cooking FOR YOU! There will also be a short explanation about the sales Pampered Chef is currently running- then the rest is FUN TIME!

Or, if you’ve chosen to have a catalog party, you get to call or visit your friends to catch up with their latest news and tell them that you’re hosting a show. You find out what is on their Pampered Chef Wish List and encourage them to get it for Christmas or some other event.

When your party has $150 in orders, VIOLA, you get a FREE $40 Trifle Bowl, 60% off stoneware, $15 in FREE products (if a cooking show) and 20% off the rest of your order. The amount of free stuff increases when you reach $200 and every $100 after that. So, sign up for your Party NOW! You’ll walk away with a Free Trifle bowl to give away as a Christmas Present

So, here’s that FREE TRIFLE BOWL:

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