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Last night, I went to Joyce Crawford’s house and saw some of her ideas for creative Christmas gifts. I liked them so much that I took pictures so I could remember them. Then, I thought that my readers might enjoy these Christmas gift ideas, too.

Before I continue, I need to tell you that all the Pampered Chef Products are linked to an American Red Cross fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Victims. Up to 15% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated. Then, Pampered Chef will match the donations that this show generates. If you choose to order, your order will be shipped to your house.

Pampered Chef has committed to bringing families around the table. Along those lines, they recently said,

“To help with storm relief and support those who’ve been impacted, we’re donating more than $350,000 in products that were specifically requested by Feeding America® to help with clean-up efforts. Additionally, we want to expand our relief efforts so you can help, too. Now through the end of the year, The Pampered Chef® will match your Fundraiser Show contributions when you write in “American Red Cross — Sandy Fund” as your charity. . . The Fundraiser Show contribution, including the matching donation, will be sent directly to the American Red Cross.”

The first gift Joyce showed me was topped with Pampered Chef’s Snowman scraper ($8). I like this concept because people who receive this will be able to use it for years whereas a bow would be tossed.

The Snowman scraper was introduced in Pampered Chef’s fall catalog. As of November 6, 2012, it was back ordered for a few weeks it is in high demand. So, if it is something you are considering, order it right away to make sure that you get it in time for Christmas or any party you need to have a hostess gift.


This is Pampered Chef’s Whisk. Joyce moved the whisk so that it would hold some candies, including Hershey’s Kisses. Then, she attached a gift tag that said, “We whisk you merry kissmas!”

People often like a play on words. Gift givers like the price of this whisk. It’s only $13.50. It doesn’t rust or wear out quickly like it’s cheaper competitors. There is also a 3 year guarantee.

If this whisk is a little too expensive for your budget, Pampered Chef’s mini-whisk will substitute. It is $10.







So you have a cook in your life? Well, put the stocking away this year and get a Silicone Oven Mitt from Pampered Chef ($17, 1 year warranty). Fill it with the snowman scraper, bamboo spoons ($10.50, 3 year warranty), and some twixit clips ($6, 1 year warranty).

Your gift will be creative and useful. These tools have a warranty and can withstand the extreme temperatures found in the kitchen.

The entire collection costs $41.50. While this may sound like a lot, everything will last years, if not more than a decade.







People often give a cup with a packet of hot cocoa mix. This gift will show that you’ve taken the extra effort by including enough hot cocoa for several soothing cups of cocoa with marshmallows!

What you see here is cocoa mix you’ve made yourself or bought in a container at your favorite store. You’ll need some marshallows and the 2 or 3 cup prep bowl depending on your budget and how close you are to the person you are giving it to. It also makes a great hostess gift when you go to a party.

The 2 cup prep bowl bowl set costs: $16 for a set of 2 with a HUGE 5 year warranty.

The 3 cup prep bowl costs $20 for a set of 2 with a HUGE 5 year warranty.

This one is really easy. Get some red gum drops or raspberry candies. Add some green ring-shaped candies, place them in a 2 cup prep bowl, dress it with a ribbon, and you have a very festive gift.

You can turn it upside down because the bowl comes with a lid.






This is a really easy gift to put together. Get some green mints, place in a prep bowl, and dress with some ribbons. Simple. Easy.








Gift giving can be practical, thoughtful, and easy. Each of the ideas presented will last your friend/relative for years. Each of the items linked above (as well as the entire Pampered Chef product line) will be part of a fundraiser to help the Hurricane Sandy Victims.  So you’ll satisfy your need to give this Christmas to friends and relatives while giving to complete strangers who have lost everything to Hurricane Sandy.


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