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During August and September, my 12 year old son and I went on an hour and a half walk almost every morning. We tried to time our walks so that we’d be in a good spot to take pictures of the Colorado Sunrises, which are often breath taking.

My son has a beginner’s camera: Vivitar Vivicam 5118 with a digital lens. While it doesn’t take the best pictures in the world, it certainly beats the Vivitar 110 camera I had when I was his age. Here are some of his pictures, most of which he took at maximum zoom:

We enjoyed this activity because it allowed us to explore photography. The enjoyment and excitement we experience is one of the great facets of using the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy as guide. Not only did we learn about photography, we had some one on one time and exercised every day just so we could get the perfect shot.

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