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DIY Father's Day Card

I firmly believe that every homeschooling mom or dad should have some adult activities. Currently, I belong to a card exchange group. There are 8 members. Most of the members are not homeschooling moms. It’s a great time. We each make them from scratch. The most important part of the activity is the social time, with creativity coming in as a close second.
Masculine paper for Father's Day Card

I bought this paper from Hobby Lobby (I choose to go there more than other craft/hobby stores because they value the family and are closed on Sundays- very few stores take a stand like that).

I chose brown paper and blue paper for the backgrounds. There was enough of each color to make 4 backgrounds. Then, I used regular white printing paper to go over the background to give it a more framed picture.

The shirts: I basically cut squares of white paper until I got the size I wanted for the space I had to work with. Then, I chose colored paper from the packet and cut them to size.

The collars: I cut small squares in half to make triangles out of white paper until I got the right size.

There were pages that contained ties, which I cut out and used as a template to cut out ties of different colors. Each page has 1 tie that was originally printed in the paper packet. The hats came from the packet as well.

DIY Father's Day Card 1

Usually, I make each card identical. This time I did not since I wanted to avoid buying more packets of paper. You will see that there are different ties and hats on each card.

DIY Father's Day Card 2

I didn’t add “Happy Father’s Day” to the cards because my friends may have another use for these masculine cards. Some examples include graduation, going to college, going on a mission, etc.

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