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Today’s kids love to play video games online. While I do not recommend allowing it to take up a lot of time in your schedule, there are some kids’ educational games worth taking a look at. My sons like to visit Nerf, Hasbro, and Hotwheels websites. At first glance, one might think that these are merely video games. However, there are some educational aspects. One activity that my kids like is making their own videos. They do not record them, but get a taste of editing using the web sites’ interfaces. Each website provides pre-selected clips, music, and special effects. The kids get to organize them anyway they want. I asked my sons to narrate a couple of videos to show you how easy, yet educational these programs are.

First, you’ll see my 9 year old’s video made in April 2012. He will show you how to make a video on Nerf’s website (dart tag video mashup game). The Dart Tag Mash Up interface is more complicated than the HotWheels version seen in the second movie.


Next, my 11 year old son made a video from Hot Wheels games website that allowed him to create another video. The movie editor in this program is easier for younger children to do because they can only make one change to the movie at a time. Watch the video for more precise details.

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