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I recently wrote an article for Street Articles about the health benefits of wine. Since I’m not an alcohol drinker, I started perusing the internet for fun fruit ideas that had the health benefits I was “missing” out on by not drinking red wine. I found a really fun idea for a healthy “cake.” It is made completely out of fruit!

The main cake is a watermelon cylinder. Then, use cookie cutters to cut the rest of the fruit and attach with toothpicks. It is pretty quick to decorate!

This recipe looks easy enough to duplicate as long as I have the right tools on hand. For instance, I would need some really cool cookie cutter shapes. My grocery list would include 2 watermelons in case it didn’t cut as neatly as shown in the picture.

One of the reason I gravitate toward this recipe is that my kids’ friends have some serious tree nut, milk, soy, and other allergies. I think fruit would be a great option for a party with my sons’ friends as long as I run the list of fruit by them to make sure that there aren’t any fruit allergies I am unaware of.

One problem I might run into for birthdays not in the summer is that the cost of fruit rises as they are no longer in season locally. The fruit would be imported, raising the prices.

While I was typing this brief article, my 4 year old walked into the room and said this is what he wants for his May birthday. I told him what it was made out of and he was thrilled. I have a baby who will turn one this summer. While the cake won’t make the my baby hilariously messy with chocolate, it will be much healthier and still very appetizing! So, thank you to the lady who blogged about this cake!

More delicious fruit displays are found here.

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