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When I was a child, I was only aware ofa few different skate types: quad skates that were over-the-shoe orthat looked like boots with wheels. Now, there are many differenttypes of skates. Each design has a different purpose. Some are bestused on paved surfaces, others for indoors, some for speed skating orhockey, and I was amazed to find off-road skates.There are also different skateboard types. I will show you what my sons and I researched while trying to find out which kind we like best.
Quad skates: The designs shownare for outdoor skating. The skates have a wider 5 inch“truck”that offers stability. If they have a 3 inch truck, they would begreat for speed. Some skates like this have a front and a back break.
Scorpion skates are great forgoing over cracks and bumps in the road. The skates pictures are formulti-terrain skating: pavement, cobble, grass and dirt tracks.
Inline Hockey Skatesare designed to be used indoors, outdoors, or both. There are skatesmade multiple skill levels. The beginner skates are moreforgiving and allow skaters to develop their skills while theadvanced skates offer increased speed and maneuverability. One pair Iresearched even had memory foam for added comfort.
Inline Speed Skates comewith 3 or 4 wheels. The shoes are close-fitting and have littlepadding. Most call this sport Inline Racing. Many people who areinline racing switch back and forth between this and ice speedskating. My guess is that the shoes and frames for ice speed skatingand inline racing are built similarly, making it an easy transition
 Skate Boards come in lots of shapes and sizes, too. This skate board allows the user to similate regular skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

Sole Skates
Are like riding a mini skateboard. I had to watch a video to figure out how this works because it looks so small. There are more videos on skateboards. 
My 7year old son really loves to skate. He is hopes that I will get himsome inline speed skates. My 11 year old said that he would like tolearn how to play roller hockey. My 9 year old just wants to skateand will be happy to have a good pair of inline skates. I would liketo try out the multi terrain skates. They look like a lot of fun!
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