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My kids enjoy studying the scriptures. We study them as a family right before bed time in hopes that it will help create a peaceful environment and alleviate as much stress from the day as possible.

What I didn’t expect was that my kids would want to start memorizing them, too. My younger kids 5-11 chose to start with the Articles of Faith.  They go around singing the Articles of Faith Primary songs, which helps the kids to memorize them. I decided to increase the multi-sensory aspect to it by having them practice the one they are currently memorizing their handwriting practice. So, they read it (sight), hear it in a song, write it on paper (touch), and say it.

I started out by writing it out myself and having my kids copy what I wrote on lined paper. When I found that this was working for my kids, I wanted a more permanent copy and created handwriting pages using StartWrite 6.0. The advantages: if we lose a copy, it’s saved to my computer ready to print, I can change the appearance of the worksheets with a few clicks of a button, and they don’t have to worry about the pages turning while they are copying directly from the scriptures.

I give them lined paper so they can copy it down. For my 6 year old, I change the appearance of the words on the worksheets from 100% letter dot density to 50% or 75% letter dot density so he can trace the letters on the first day or two. (to see how to edit the worksheet, see my StartWrite 6.0 review) When the timing is right, I have him copy it using 100% letter dot density onto a separate sheet of paper like his older brothers. Here are some examples of the 75% and 100% letter dot density:

article of faith with 75 percent letter dot density

75 percent letter dot density

article of faith with 100 percent letter dot density

100 percent letter dot density

In school, many kids this age memorize poems and recite them in front of the class. Since my kids asked me to help them memorize the articles of faith, I decided to let them memorize the articles of faith and present them during Family Home Evening. They also demonstrate their skills to their primary teachers (that’s what I’ve been told when I ask how my kids are doing in their classes) and a counselor in the primary presidency, who marks off each Article of Faith memorized by all the primary children.

Below are the worksheets and a link to the StartWrite 6.0 free trial offer. You should be able to install it, download the files I have below, then open them up and print them. Click on the picture of the file you want to download and it will take you to the file to begin the download process. If you prefer to change the font size or the lines to some other format such as Handwriting Without Tears, you can do that, too.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery Verses

Old Testament

New Testament Scripture Mastery Worksheets

New Testament

Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Worksheets

Doctrine & Covenants

13 articles of Faith Worksheets

13 articles of Faith

Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Worksheets

Book of Mormon



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  • Karyn

    Good job Becky! I like the handwriting pages you came up with. It gives me some ideas for FHE.

    • Becky

      You have a great website, too, Karyn. Thank you for the comments. I hope you’ll come back and tell us how this post inspired your FHE and how it turned out.

  • India

    Hi, Becky,

    I just came across your site–it’s great! My sons have been memorizing scripture using a great little book, “My ABC Bible Verses”, by Susan Hunt. I never thought of incorporating the verses into handwriting practice. We may try it…

    That there are benefits to memorizing scripture is obvious, but something I didn’t expect was that the kids take the authority of their memory verses much more seriously than I thought they would.

    For example, if I get any fussing about completing a chore, I can either lose my temper and shout “Quit whining and just do it!”, or I can just ask, “What does your ‘D’ bible verse say?” (In this case, it’s “Do everything without complaining and disputing”, Prov. 2:14)

    The memory verse will usually stop them dead in their tracks. Also, it doesn’t just stop the bad behavior, it seems to make them really THINK about what they are doing, and why it is not OK. Most times I will even get an apology!

    Of course, it works just as well for reinforcing good behavior. For example, if I catch one of the boys sharing well or taking turns, I can remind them of their “B” verse, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God”, Mark 5:9

    I wonder—why on earth was I surprised that God’s words turn out to be more effective than mine?!!

    • Becky


      I really enjoyed reading your comments. I will have to try using the memory verses the way you suggested. I bet a get a lot further with my kids’ thinking skills as they apply to the scriptures. I love how you said “I wonder—why on earth was I surprised that God’s words turn out to be more effective than mine?!!” because you brought up a very good point. His words do carry a lot of weight.

      Thank you for the compliments and the great insights! I appreciate them greatly.


  • Karyn T.

    Thanks for this! What a wonderful resource!

    • Becky

      Thank you! I appreciate it 🙂


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