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I’ve told you about some of the online jobs that I have chosen to do to bring in additional revenue through nontraditional ways. I am a Pampered Chef consultant, too.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen to do Pampered Chef is that I would like to spend more time with other adults who are interested in cooking. Even if they are not interested in cooking, I appreciate their company.

Advantages of Pampered Chef

The advantage of being a consultant is that I can work around my family’s schedule, which can be pretty hectic.

This year, I plan to prepare for Christmas by hosting parties for my kids in addition to the parties my friends host. This allows me to get Pampered Chef products at a discounted rate or free because I can take advantage of the host incentives and I am earning money as a Pampered Chef consultant. Then, I can give the products I earn away as Christmas presents while still paying off some of my bills.

In October 2012, my husband hosted a show at the beginning of the month and closed the show early enough to get a free stoneware small ridged baker worth $30. He got the new covered roaster at 60% off. It’s normally $99.50, but he paid $39.80.

Hosts get $25 in free product when their cooking party’s order reaches $150. So, he got a free brownie pan worth $19 and paid $2 for the Pampered Chef measuring spoon set, worth $8.50.

The total value of everything he bought was $157, or $164.693 with tax.

He paid a mere $43.85, which includes tax. That’s a total savings of $120.84.

As you can see, hosts benefit from the program, too.

Pampered Chef Party Idea

One example of a party I am throwing is a “tea party” for my daughter, her friends and their parents. We’re not actually serving tea. Rather, it will be juice, scones, and brownies that the kids decorate in the new Pampered Chef brownie pan that I got because I was a hostess earlier this month.

How to Sell Pampered Chef on the Internet

Not only can I do cooking and catalog shows, but I can get orders over the internet. How do I do that? I use the social media networks, such as facebook, to get the latest news out there as well share my successes. I have also created events and invited friends to parties and gave them the option to order on my personal website if they cannot make it.

Another way I can increase traffic to my personal Pampered Chef website is to create back links to it as well as the SEO techniques I learned from Wealthy Affiliate University. There, they keep you up to date with the latest techniques needed to get higher rankings for every website by selecting keywords that are frequently used, and more.

The best part is anyone can order from my Pampered Chef website and have it direct shipped to their own house. Or, their order can be delivered to the host’s house or my house, if they live near me. I always have an online party set up for Brent Gardner. People can order what they want after they enter the host’s name.

Did I Stick with It? Update June 2017

I chose not to stick with Pampered Chef. While I believe that families should eat together, their recipes were not what I would ever use at my home. Similar products could be obtained elsewhere and I prefer to offer products that I continue to order. I have all that I need and I found that I was ordering products just so I could write about them, which cluttered my kitchen. I gave away what I didn’t need and at times that wasn’t particularly easy since people didn’t want my excess.

If you are looking to do a business from home, I suggest looking for opportunities where people will use up the product and reorder that the company will continue to pay commissions or referral/affiliate fees. My three favorite are Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate and doTERRA.




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