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When we used to belong to the Colorado Virtual Academy, an online charter school, we were asked to have our kids regularly work with math trainer to practice their math facts then submit them. Since we left COVA, we haven’t used this in a while because our schedules were busy and we were using XGerms. However, my 1st grader asked to use this because he remembered how much fun my older boys had with this site.

How Math Trainer Works

The makers of Math Trainer suggest that you use their math drills like this:


What I like about Math Trainer

One of the features I like about Math Trainer is that everything is on the same screen. You can see which problems your child worked on, the chart that shows their progress and how long they practiced. As long as you don’t close the tab between practice sessions, their progress will update. The graph also updates as each question is answered.

Kids do not have to press enter when they have finished typing in the answer. This feature will probably increase the number of questions answered because the kids can keep their fingers on the number buttons. It can make it more difficult to get the answer right if they accidentally hit an adjacent key.

I also like the statistics chart that shows up after my kids are done doing their practice. Note: If your son or daughter closes it out, you can’t retrieve it later. However, you’ll see the graph that is immediately below it.

You may have noticed that there are different shades of blue. The more times you answer the question correctly in a row, the brighter it becomes like you see in a question marked 4/4, which means that question was answered correctly 4 times out of 4 that it was asked. Eventually, it will turn yellow indicating proficiency.

What types of drills does Math Trainer offer?

Math Trainer offers math drills in  addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Each of these math drills is located on the math is fun website. There are many tutorials. I especially like the long division tutorial. So check out their site for additional resources.

If you are looking for online and offline games that help kids practice and/or learn math skills, there are many online resources for parents. I think we’re blessed to live in a time when we have so much information at our finger tips. If you have more ideas, please share! I’m anxious to hear about them. Then, please share this site with your friends.

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