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Hi Everyone!

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month! is doing a video contest to raise awareness.  Folks who have epilepsy can create a video submission and enter the contest.  Then, starting November 30th, the video submission with the most “Youtube likes” wins $2,000!
It may be news to you that my sister-in-law, Callie, has epilepsy.  So, Callie and my brother, Jake, made a video to both promote epilepsy awareness- and to maybe even win a cash prize!
Here’s how to help us support National Epilepsy Awareness Month (and help Callie win the cash):
  • Please check out the video now.  Enjoy!
  • Then, between Nov 30th and Dec 13th, 2012, please go on Youtube and “like” the video. If you need help with this step, let me know! 🙂
  • That’s it!  That’s all you have to do!

Thank you for helping!

WAPT-Seizure The Day (Callie’s Story)

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